All I Need is You - Chad Ely and The Explosion


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In this video:
Video Produced by: Chad Ely
Director of Photography: Kirk Kidner
Cameras: Kirk Kidner, Luis Gonzalez, and Michael Roe.
Edited by: Jimmy Maguire

"All I Need is You"

Lyrics written by: Jimmy Maguire
Music written by: Jimmy Maguire and Chad Ely
Music Produced by: Chad Ely, Jimmy Maguire, and Beth Gladen
Recorded by: Beth Gladen at Sweet Spot Audio Productions
Mixed by: Jimmy Maguire and Beth Gladen at Sweet Spot Audio Productions
Mastered by: Chris Keffer at Magnetic North Studio

Lead Vocal: Jimmy Maguire
Backing Vocals: Danny Powell and Diane Trawatha
Lead Guitar: Chad Ely
Rhythm Guitars: Danny Powell and Jimmy Maguire
Acoustic Guitar: Jimmy Maguire
Piano: Gary Uhas
Bass Guitar: Art Stitt
Drums: Scott Szewcyk
Baritone Saxophone: Joe Acerra
Tenor Saxophone: Michael Winfield
Trumpet: Ian Indorf