The ExplosionDiane Trawatha

Diane Trawatha

 Music has been part of Diane's life as long as she can remember.   

She recalls that her mother always had the radio on, or was playing their piano, or singing in a choir, or writing her own lyrics. Not surprisingly, Diane started singing in her church choir, along with her mom and sister, when she was only 7 years old.

Years later, that love of music and ease with performing led her to the theatrical stage where she has appeared in numerous dramatic plays and musicals, in both supporting and lead roles. Diane gladly admits that her musical roles have always been her favorites.

Her all-important voice training came from her high school choir director, Jerry Kujala, who was so extremely thorough and inspiring that Diane was motivated to take every future opportunity to further her "voice education." Along the way, she felt accomplished enough and confident enough to teach others and to take her training and her ambitions onto the stage to begin performing herself. And what a job she's done!

Diane has never been in a "band" before, which makes The Explosion experience so special to her. "This is a group of genuinely nice guys," says the only female member of the ten-piece group that has years and years of success with dozens and dozens of bands performing all kinds of music in front of all kinds of audiences.

"This is a totally new experience for me," says Diane. "It's also exciting and energizing, and I look forward to every opportunity we have to get together and create new sounds and new experiences for ourselves and for everybody who comes to see us."